2021 Seed Potatoes

Seed should be ordered early to get the varieties you want. Seed will likely be delivered between late March to early April.

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Potato Seed is very limited from our supplier this year. Spudman information indicates that this is a national problem. Our supplier has taken all of their certified organic land out of potato production so that it can be brought back into certified organic potato production in the near future without the problems that they suffered last year.

Most of the potatoes are "traditionally" grown, by which the grower means that certified organic practices are followed except for burn down. These growers use the vine desiccant, Reglone. Conventional seed is indicated by [C} next to the name.

Regular potato seed is listed first and includes royalty seed. Fingerlings are at the end of the list.

ORDER YOUR SEEDS BY E-MAILING ME THE VARIETY AND THE NUMBER OF 50 LB BAGS YOU WANT, to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will send you a PayPal invoice. You can make changes to your invoice. All seed must be paid for in advance. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. All prices are for 50 lb bags.
Regular Seed $56.25    Royalty Seed $57.25    Fingerlings $138.75

The list of available seed is below with a description of the potato.

Axterix (Royalty)

Medium to late season red, long oval potato with red skin and light-yellow flesh. The skin is rough and the plant has large dark green leaves. It has a high yield. It is consider good for most types of cooking.


 Late Season yellow, of medium size with smooth yellow skin and white flesh. It has excellent storage qualities, and a flavor that is outstanding anyway you prepare them.

Canela (Royalty) [C]

Late-Season Russet, Oblong shape that can grow into large baking pototoes when widely spaced. Has high yields with 9 to 10 potatoes from each plant. Resistant to viruses and has a long dormancy. Good potato flavor and is excellent for baking and fries.


Late-Season Yellow. Oblong to round tubers with smooth yellow skin and flesh. Good yield and keeper that maintains its texture, moisture and taste. Good for all types of preparation. Moderate resistance to potato diseases.

Chieftain [C]

Early Season Red, matures at the end of the season. It has red skin with, white flesh and rounded oblong tubers. When prepared it is light and fluffy.

Dark Red Norland

Very early season red. Usually the first red potatoes to sell. Smooth red skin with white flesh. Good yields of medium to large sized consistent tubers.

Golden Globe (Royalty)

Very early season Yellow. Yellow skin with white flesh. Similar in all qualities of Yukon Gold, Golden Globe will be the best choice moving forward because of its resistance to PVY.

Harvest Moon (Royalty)

Mid-season with a purple skin and yellow flesh, and crack resistant. It is a good all  around potato. Sometimes the skin is mottled purple and yellow.


Mid-season White skin with white interior. High yields, and grows well in harsh conditions. Good to cook with skin-on, and good cooked all ways.

Masquerade (Royalty) OUT OF STOCK

Mid-season, mottled purple and white skin with moist, white flesh. Good for baking, mashing and roasting. Very high-yield.


Late-season yellow that is golden yellow inside and out. Good for boiling, mashing, and roasting. It has a unique nutty potato taste.

Norkotah (Royalty) [C]

Early to mid-season russet with white flesh. Good uniform yields. Good for baking, boiling, French frying, chipping and scalloping.

Purple Majesty (Royalty)

Early to mid-season purple skin and flesh. Tends to hold color when cooked. Created to fry and make chips, but works well for most ways that potatoes are prepared.


Mid-early red potato with golden flesh. Tends to hold color when cooked. Medium-sized potato with good yield and resistance to common scab but susceptible to potato virus.

Rocky Mountain (Royalty)

Mid-season, russet with smooth skin and yellowish white flesh. This variety has high yield potential, processing potential and is resistant to PVY. It has a high percentage US No. 1 tubers.

Yellow Finn

Late season yellow, likes long growing season. Yellow/brown skin with yellow flesh. Known for its buttery sweet flavor. It produces excellent yields. Potato shape varies, and includes flat, round and pear-shaped tubers.

Yukon Gold [C]

Very early season (60 to 80 days) Yellow skin with light yellow flesh. Skin is thin. Cooks well for all methods of cooking. May have pink eyes. 


Ama Rosa (Royalty) Fingerling OUT OF STOCK

Mid-season specialty potato with red skin and red/purple flesh. High yields. Best cooked with skin on. Good keeper.

Austrian Crescent Fingerling

Mid-season, long, smooth skin with yellow flesh. Best roasted or steamed. High yields of fingerlings to 10” long and weighing 3-7 ounces.

French Fingerling

Mid-season, red, smooth skin with yellow flesh with red streaks or ring when cut across. Have a sweet flavor.

La Ratte Fingerling

Mid-season, yellow smooth skin and yellow flesh. Firm texture with a mild chestnut flavor. Mashes or purees to a smooth texture. Stores well.

Magic Molly Fingerling OUT OF STOCK

Mid to late season deep purple skin, deep purple flesh. Roasts well. Has an earthy flavor. High yields and resistant to most diseases, but may scab.

Red Thumb Fingerling

Early Season, red skin with red to pink flesh. Cooks well. Grows uniformly.

Rose Finn Fingerling OUT OF STOCK

Mid-season, smooth red skin with yellow flesh. Good potato flavor. Soft when cooked. Good keeper.

The Abundantly Green website is suffering from changes in the underlying software. I cannot overcome the problems and get the available potato seed information to you in a timely manner, so this is a kluge.


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