Our Goals Are Simple

  • Fresh picked food that didn't travel the interstate;
  • Healthy food raised without herbicides, pesticides, and GMO tinkering;
  • Hard-to-find vegetables and varieties;
  • Locally grown meats from animals raised naturally;
  • A farm to visit where you can see your vegetables growing;
  • Tastier, sweeter food.
Our forest showing off some over one-hundred year old trees.

Environmental Stewardship

We practice environmental stewardship by living easy on the land.  We do not over produce.  This means that we do not raise tens of thousands of meat chickens, have huge chicken houses for layers, and massive barns for hundreds of pigs, goats, or cattle.  We raise what our farm can easily sustain.  Our animals live outdoors so there can only be a few of them.  We operate our farm so that our stream and water systems are protected from our animals which in turn provide pest and weed control.  We feed the land with our own vegetative and animal waste compost and use certified organic compost and fertilizer to augment this.  Our farm is not manicured which allows for a rich and diverse population of pollinators.  Most of our production work is done by hand.  We have a forest that is being allowed to naturally grow and develop both in the understory and upperstory areas.  Being certified organic is a public commitment to how we do our farming backed by annual third-party inspections.  You don't need to take our word for this.  Our family has been practicing sustainable farming here for over 125 years.

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