Three Willow Bridge Sows, Nov 2017
Old Spot pig photo by Deb Hodges 2015
Three little pigs from 2015

Walker Meadows Pork

The pigs are pasture raised on our farm. They are humanely treated and live like pigs should.  The pigs happily root on pasture cleaning up weeds, and otherwise get messy as only pigs can in the dirt.  A portion of their food comes from the vegetable garden and they are fed natual grain. None of the animals raised here are fed hormones, steroids, processed foods, or other unnatural things others may fed to pigs. 

Walker Meadow Farm pork is available at the Poulsbo Farmers Market when it is open, and custom meat sold by the whole or half.  For more information go to

South Poulsbo Weather Station

The Poulsbo South Weather station is at the Kitsap Conservation District, which is a couple miles south of us. We have this here for our convenience, but everyone can use it to see what the weather is like on our farm.
The Kitsap Conservation District (KCD) office is home to the Kitsap agricultural weather station. It is one of the few ag weather stations in Western Washington. It is in real time and lets you know the soil temperature at 8 inches, the light units, and leaf wetness, and more. The weather information gathered at the KCD is fed into AgWeatherNet. It is sponsored in part by WSU. The KCD is at 10332 Central Valley Road, Poulsbo, WA 98370

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