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For the Spring CSA, we deliver bags to the off-farm pick up points to ensure that CSA members get their full share.  Items may be traded for things in the booth.

Our Market Style CSA pick up gives you flexibility of what you want in your share. Some people, for example, like lots of radishes and lettuce, while others want no radishes and lots of kale. It tends to work out well.

Each week there is a list with amounts for the Standard Share.   Double Shares get two Standard Shares.  Plus, you can substitute from the produce that is in the Farm Store that is not on the CSA list.

Most or all of the produce will be in our Cooler House or on our tables.  We will keep it stocked during the Farm Store hours. The CSA and the Farm Store are twoice a week and CSA Members should pick up their shares when the Farm Store open, but that is not required. If you pick up outside of the Farm Store hours, we will do our best to make sure you have a complete share.

The CSA is at the Farm Store. When the Poulsbo Farmers Market and the Bremerton Farmers Market are open you can designate to pick up your share there.

Our Market Style CSA is part of our commitment to being gentle on the Earth. While both plastic bags and paper bags will be available, we encourage you will bring your own bags so that the CSA is even more ecologically sustainable.

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