Mallard Ducklings

Risk Statement

Farming is a risky business and as a CSA member part of my support is taking some of the risk. I acknowledge and affirm this statement through the act of purchasing my share. I understand that there is some risk involved in this farming endeavor, but I believe that Abundantly Green will do their best to provide all they have promised and I agree to excuse them from any mishaps that might trip them up, including bad weather, insect pests, seed or crop failure.

As a CSA member, I understand that if I do not pick up my share within the distribution time frame, it is not the responsibility of Abundantly Green to refund or credit me for my loss. If I cannot pick up my weekly share, I understand it is my responsibility to either call the farm store at 360-692-2504 and make alternate pick-up arrangements, or send a friend to pick up my veggies.

I acknowledge that due to the planting and other farming costs Abundantly Green does not refund for shares and is under no obligation to refund the cost of my share should I decide to cancel.

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