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Work Share & Volunteering

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Since we farm year round there is plenty to do all the time. As a small farm, there tends to be more work than hands to do it. Fortunately for us, many in our modern world yearn to have the opportunity to spend time on a farm, learn some farming, or pay with their participation rather than money for a produce CSA share appeals to folks. This is why we have volunteers and Work Share CSA members.

Work Share Produce CSA Members set up a schedule with us and receive that week’s CSA share for their efforts.  For 4 hours of work a Work Share Member receives a week of the Standard CSA share.  The Double CSA share is for 8 hours of work. May people split their work share days. 

Work Share members work on a day that is convenient for them and pick up their share on a regular CSA distribution day, usually Tuesday.

Work Share memberships can start any time of the year. Work Share members who are interested in learning more about farming will find our year-round farm work every bit as interesting and informative in the Off Season as in the high Summer Season. Every week we do indoor and outdoor work. There is more indoor work in the Off Season, but we use the High Tunnel, Hoop Houses, and Greenhouse all year long. Outdoor work depends on the weather.  Not matter when you come, there is quite a lot going on there. In addition to working with produce, 

We have a number of Work Share jobs. While many involve planting, tending, and harvesting, we also have preparing produce for CSA and our Farm Store and the farmers markets; cleaning the CSA area and storage areas; and helping out with equipment maintenance — willingness to learn is appreciated.  Experience is prized.

Volunteering is the more casual way of participating. Volunteers arrange with us to do a specific task or set of tasks on a specific day. They receive that week’s CSA share, but this is not an ongoing activity. We very much appreciate our Volunteers.

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