Conventional Potato Seed


Prices are for a 50 pound bag of potato seed. Shipping included.

Use the drop-down menus to order. Scroll down for more infomation.

Potato Seed should arrive at the end of March.

There are 6 fingerling varieties, 7 regular varieties, and 8 royalty varieities.


Please call the farm if you have any questions.

Information about the Group Buy

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The price for seed potatoes includes shipping to our farm.  Shipping is $11.00 for each 50 lb bag.

Several years ago, Marilyn of Abundantly Green organized a group buy of seed potatoes from a grower in Colorado. Kitsap County does not have a farmers’ co-op for buying large amounts of seed at a grower price. However, if we can put in one order of over 1000 lbs of seed, we can get really good prices for good seed. There are Certified Organic potatoes and Conventional potatoes. Not all varieties are available in both types.

Certified Potato Seed

This seed is certified by the Colorado Potato Certification Service to be free of disease. “Colorado Potato Certification Service maintains an extensive potato tissue culture laboratory, providing disease free plantlets to Colorado grower owned and operated tissue culture increase and greenhouse production facilities. This generates large quantities of nuclear disease free greenhouse grown minitubers for field planting. This is the basis of the limited generation system for year by year increase of seed potatoes in Colorado.” To learn more go to their website.

Minimum Order

The minimum amount that you can order is a 50 pound bag of one variety. If you want smaller amounts we cannot help you. Many people arrange to share the order with others. The potatoes can also be resold.


Please pay through our website. However, you can mail a check for the full amount to us. I will email you a confirmation no matter how you pay. If you do not receive it, please email or call Abundantly Green.

Royalty Varieties are protected. These are owned by Colorado State University. There is a $1.00/50lb wt. royalty. These varieties should not be grown for seed.

The cost of shipping is an estimate based on the cost last year. If the cost significantly increases, there may be a surcharge for the shipping. Shipping is determined by the grower is has been by common carrier. Potatoes will arrive after it is warm enough in Colorado and points between here and there to ship them by common carrier. They usually arrive in April.
The shipping fee is for delivery is to our farm, Abundantly Green, at 1146 NE Madison Road, Poulsbo, 98370. You are expected to pick up your potato seed from our farm. We will notify you by email when they are expected to arrive and will be read for you to pick them up.

The seed potatoes for our Group Buy are scheduled to arrive in early April. We will contact buyers by email when we know the exact date. If freezing temperatures and heavy snow continue, the growers' shipping date may be pushed back. The Group Buy of seed potatoes is now open for 2017-2018.

About how the conventional seed is grown.

[Our Conventional seeds] are "unconventional" because they are grown without insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, nematacides, and synthetic fertilizers.

The "unconventional" lots are raised in a system utilizing flowers in cover crops, companion crops and flowering strips that provide a habitat for predatory insects. This pest management technique, coupled with rouging, is proving effective for farmers and healthy for consumers.

Vine desiccant is the only chemical being used that prevents the "unconventional" lots from being certified organic. The absence of a vine desiccant on the organic lots might have elevated the virus levels via mechanical spread.

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