Three Willow Bridge Sows, Nov 2017
Old Spot pig photo by Deb Hodges 2015
Three little pigs from 2015

Walker Meadows Pork

Walker Meadows pork is available through Kitsap Fresh where you will find a variety of cuts.

The pigs are pasture raised on our farm. They are humanely treated and live like pigs should.  The pigs happily root on pasture cleaning up weeds, and otherwise get messy as only pigs can in the dirt.  A portion of their food comes from our vegetable garden when the veggies are trimmed for the market.  None of the animals raised here are fed hormones, steroids, processed foods, or other unnatural things others may fed to pigs. 

Walker Meadows pork is available at the Poulsbo Farmers Market when it is open, and custom meat sold by the whole or half.  Please email us at order (at) abundantlygreen (dot) com or information on buying custom pork.

About Custom Meat

Custom meat is important in our area since there is not a local USDA slaughter facility.  Your deposit makes you the “owner” of the portion of the meat that you are buying.  This is processed in facilities that are inspected by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). The slaughtermen are licensed and trained to recognize problems. "The WSDA Custom Meat Program licenses persons that slaughter or process uninspected meat food animals such as cattle, sheep, goats and swine for the sole consumption of the owner."

As farmers, we do not sell any meat that would not be good to eat.  We take care to provide our customers with the food that we ourselves eat.

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