We sell to restaurants, institutions, grocery stores, and distributors. We have our own certified organic state inspected poultry processing trailer on our farm. We sell our chickens everywhere in the state. Frozen overnight shipping is available.

Meat Chicken

Pastured Meat Chickens


How We Raise Our Meat Chickens

Our meat chickens are raised as nature meant them to live: in the fresh air, sunshine and rain, eating grass, insects, and soil. We supplement their diet with certified organic feed. They arrive as 1 or 2 day old chicks and live in a brooder in our barn. At three weeks we move them outside to eat, scratch, and sun themselves. They live in a large chicken tractor -- a funny name for a chicken coop and yard that we move daily. The chicken tractor keeps them safe from aerial predators, such as eagles and hawks.
We process them in our on-farm WSDA/USDA processing trailer. Fresh chicken is available at our Farm Store several times a year. Frozen chicken is usually available at our Farm Store, the Bremerton Farmers Market, and the Poulsbo Farmers Market.

Ducks at WAter

Eggs and Meat

Our animals live outdoors, are treated with the utmost respect, for they provide us with food.  Healthy means that they are not fed antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, and other deleterious things.  Our layers, both chicken and duck, are not certified organic because we do not received them on the farm within two days of their hatch, and they are overly free-range and go everywhere, which means their food intake cannot be monitored and reported to the organic program. 


Farm Fresh Eggs Are Special

Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm fresh eggs are special.  On our farm you can see the geese, ducks, and chickens going about their lives. They sleep in moveable coops, and do most of their free ranging in our a new pasture and the orchard. They free range over two or more acres. For this and other reason, our eggs are not certified organic.  Most of our chickens, geese, and ducks are a heritage varieties not bred for industrial egg production. 

Our small flock of chickens represents heritage breeds. We have Buff Orpington, Delaware, Easter Egger, Cuckoo Marans, Black Copper Marans, Brahma, Araucana, Golden Star, Black Star, Ginger Nut, many other breeds, and barnyard (mixed breed) chickens. The egg yolks are sunshine yellow. The shells of the eggs come in a variety of colors ranging from blue/green to beige and pink, to dark brown, and speckled.

Our ducks are primarily Indian Runner Ducks, who stand very upright and look as though they should be carrying a briefcase. We have a few Swedish, Khaki Campbell, Welsh Harlequin, and barnyard ducks. Their eggs are porcelain white or blue/green. Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs, with deep yellow to orange colored yolks. Duck eggs are especially had to find commercially and most people rarely have the opportunity to try them.

Our geese are an Afrian gander, and two Saddle Back geese.

The nutritional value of eggs from pastured poultry is completely different from the chickens raised in small confined pens. There are many articles about the studies that have been done. An article from Mother Earth News reported that studies have found that pastured eggs have:

   1/3 less cholesterol

   1/4 less saturated fat

   2/3 more vitamin A

The Price of Eggs

On farm price

Chicken $6/dz

Duck $7/dz

Goose $1.25


Walker Meadows Beef

Walker Meadows ground round is available at our Farm Store. 

A variety of  cuts is available through Kitsap Fresh.

Cattle are a key part of Abundantly Green’s diversified farm near Keyport and Brownsville. As part of being a sustainable farm.  Marilyn's cousin Paul has taken over the cattle.  He sells meat under the name Walker Meadows, in honor of their mutual ancestor.  We had kept Marilyn’s father’s herd of cattle, and the current herd is descended from them, with some genetic diversity. Paul is keeping this a Hereford herd. They are the source for much of our composted fertilizer. We pasture them using the sustainable practice of rotational grazing.

Our beef never eat hormones, steroids, antibiotics or soy. The meat is lean, smells and tastes like beef used to taste (and still does in some parts of the world), and is healthy for you. We have chosen not to certify our beef organic because the cost of importing certified organic hay into Kitsap County would price our beef beyond the reach of most people. Most certified organic beef operations can raise enough feed for their own animals. We cannot. Our herd grazes on our certified organic pastures, eats local hay that is naturally raised but not certified organic, and in winter eat alfafa. 

Just so that you know, we are committed to the health and well being of our animals as well as committed to your health and well being. Because our farm is on bottom soil, they are vaccinated and wormed. They do not receive medications, steroids, and such in their food. We follow all guidelines for any medications we may use. Happily, most of our animals are never medicated.

Our philosophy is that these animals live and die so that we can live better, so we treat them very well because of their place in our lives.

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