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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Save $0.66 a pound with our chicken shares.
The best chicken you ever ate is easy to cook and healthy to eat. Fresh or frozen, no hormones and naturally juicy.
CHICKEN SHARES AG_Pix/WSDAProducer-Paths.jpg
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Pick them all up at one time, or spread them out over the summer.  It's what is convenient for you.
12:21 pm pdt

We are doing two big projects/jobs that need volunteers.

The first is harvesting garlic.  That starts on Tuesday Aug 5.  Our stated time is 9 a.m., but if you want to come earlier or later, that is wonderful, too.

Volunteers can start earlier, as in over the weekend.  However, it tends to be more fun to do it with others.


The second big job is planting the fall potatoes.  We will give you a date on that, soon.

11:41 am pdt

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why are we an organic farm? Healthier & Safer


Why are we an organic farm?  There are several reasons: the environment, the farming practices, the preservation of heritage food plant varieties, the taste of the food, and the overall health benefits.  Organic food is healthier and safer.

With that in mind, we were concerned when articles in the popular press described a Stanford University Medical School meta study (a study of studies) as showing that there were few benefits to eating organic food.

Recently Charles M. Benbrook, Ph.D., a research professor at the Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources at Washington State University, published a rebuttal to the study.  The Stanford author’s use of the measurement Risk Difference understates the clinical risk.  Clinical Risk is the chance of an adverse outcome resulting from the factors being studied.

Benbrook’s analysis of the study is in depth, and since we raise vegetables, chicken and pork, these are the focus here.
Produce, Chicken, and Pork

In produce, pesticide exposure risks are important for an increasing number of people.  The popular press latched onto “30% lower risk” with organic produce, but Benbrook shows a” 94% reduction in health risk, is certainly much more clinically significant…” He wrote, “Using the latest data from USDA’s Pesticide Data Program (USDA, 2012) on these  foods, I found that the overall pesticide risk level in the conventional brands was  17.5 times higher than in the organic brands…. The differences translate into a 94% reduction in health risk [(0.2507 -­‐ 0.0143)/0.2507] from the selection of organic brands.”  That means that our chances of suffering an adverse outcome increases by 94% when we eat conventional produce.

For chicken and pork, the Stanford authors wrote that the risk for isolating bacteria resistant to 3 or more antibiotics was 33% higher among conventional chicken and pork than organic chicken and pork.  Dr. Benbrook corrects the math and shows that the (relative) risk of about 48% in conventional and 16% for organic which is actually makes it about 300% higher in conventional meats compared to organic meats.  That is a significant difference.  However, I find that even the wrongly computed 33% difference is significant, and the 300% difference is frightening.

Read the whole article

You can read “Are Organic Foods Safer and Healthier Than Conventional Alternatives? A Systematic Review” by Professor Charles M. Benbrook online at

This is the first of several posts that I plan to do on Charles Benbrook's work.  I don't normally post what I write in our weekly newsletter, but this is important to me.


7:39 pm pdt

Friday, July 18, 2014


Way south of Poulsbo is our Farm Store.  We're close to Bremerton and Silverdale.  Almost directly East of Bangor.  We are at 1146 NE Madison Rd, Poulsbo, WA.  Come by and visit with us.  See the ducks, chickens, and geese.  It's a beautiful day at the farm.  We will have veggies, meat, as well as Goat Milk cheese, honey, and pickled veggies from Purdy Organics.  

Open Saturday from noon to 4 p.m.

11:32 pm pdt

Cliff will be at the Poulsbo Farmers Market Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The weatherman predicts mild temperatures, so be sure to go on out and buy your week's groceries.  Cliff will have frozen chickens, and veggies.  The veggies will be tomatoes, Chard, Salad Mix, Braising Mix, Radishes, and Culinary Herbs.  Some of the last leek flowers will be there. There is a delicious leek flower sauce recipe from last week's newsletter for you to take, too. In this weather, get a few sprigs of chocolate mint (it's a strong mint flavor), to add to ice tea, or make a mint ice tea. Very refreshing.
11:27 pm pdt

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